Events Workshops

Emma Frid speaking at Féminisme – Musique – Technologie

Emma Frid to present work on Sonification of Women in Sound and Music Computing at the first seminar on cyber-feminism

Mathematics and Music at the Euraxess ASEAN Meet My Lab Webinar by Dorien Herremans and Elaine Chew

CosmoNote Preview at CitSciVirtual 2021

Ars Electronica IRCAM Garden+: AIxMusic debates & musical cardiac arrhythmias

Prof. Michael Casey (Dartmouth College) Visits

STMS talk by Prof. Michael Casey: Auditory Stimulus Reconstruction from High-Resolution fMRI

Bösendorfer Disklavier No. 42 Arrives at IRCAM

Awards Team Updates

Emily Graber Wins Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoc Fellowship for EAR STRETCH

Emily Graber awarded Marie Curie Fellowship for EAR STRETCH on augmenting appreciation of contemporary music with active tempo control as measured by physiological monitoring

STMS Lab Doctoral Student Day

Still Zoomin’

Bösendorfer Enspire PRO: Regulation, tuning, calibration

Paul Lascabettes wins AFIM Young Researcher Award

Heart Nebula by Alan Erickson

Engineer in app design for tailored music intervention with physiological feedback

Emma Frid

Emma Frid wins Swedish Research Council International Postdoc Grant

Music Shorts Updates

Boulez: Trois Fragments d’une ébauche

Three versions of Boulez’s Fragment d’une ébauche, dedicated to Jean-Marie Lehn in 1987 on the occasion of his Nobel prize in Chemistry.

Digital première: Eine neue “Für Elise” (15.12.2020, 12h15 GMT)

CNRS le journal / Le Monde: Le piano virtuose

CNRS Images films video report on Cosmos

World Heart Day 2020: #UseHeart to learn about arrhythmias through music

Little Etudes for World Heart Rhythm Week

Cardiac Response to Live Music Study on EHRA Essentials 4 You

Feature Papers

Putting (One’s) Heart Into Music

European Heart Journal CardioPulse article on Putting (One’s) Heart Into Music online ahead of print

Cardiac Response to Live Music Study on EHRA Essentials 4 You

Music Information Research @ Computing in Cardiology 2019 Singapore

Music & Science: Notating Music and Heart Rhythms

MazurkaBL: Loudness and beat data for 2000 Chopin Mazurkas @ TENOR 2018

Revealing the Thinking Behind Performance in New Thoughts on Piano Performance

ERC ADG Project


Feature Workshops

CosmoNote Preview at CitSciVirtual 2021

A preview of CosmoNote, our citizen science platform for marking performed structures, at CitSciVirtual 2021

Putting (One’s) Heart Into Music

CNRS le journal / Le Monde: Le piano virtuose

Solveig’s Song on No. 42

Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar on Music and the Heart: From Mathematics to the Mind

Listen to AI Music by MorpheuS